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Founded in 1992, the SCPA has grown from a loose network of EMTs and Paramedics to a strong group of community advocates for EMS education and proud organizers of the Sonoma County Survivors' Reunion

Today, EMS is in a constant state of change. For veterans of EMS, this is anything but news. For those who are just embarking on a new career in this profession, it can sometimes come as a bit of a shock. Not only are these changes difficult to predict, but it is often challenging to see where we, the people expected to execute the steps of bringing care to the public, fit into the process. The SCPA was founded on the concept that the EMS professionals themselves are capable of the sincerest advocacy for their patients, and it is our hope to continue that legacy of advocacy by ensuring that the EMTs, Paramedics, and other EMS professionals are heard clearly throughout the discussions that shape the future of EMS in Sonoma County and around our nation.


It's not something any one of us can do alone - but together, we can be a strong voice that speaks for EMS education, patient advocacy, and inclusion in the evolution of emergency medical services.


Will you add your voice to ours?


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